The JournalSuite offers a range of applications and web modules. Together they provide a comprehensive solution which enhances operating performance and magazine production.

JournalDesigner JournalDesigner DigitalDesigner DigitalDesigner ReservationDesigner ReservationDesigner ClassifiedDesigner ClassifiedDesigner JournalProducer JournalProducer InDesignConnector InDesignConnector TopicManager TopicManager DeadlineManger DeadlineManger AdvertManager AdvertManager JournalBrowser JournalBrowser CorporateDesigner CorporateDesigner MagazineDesigner MagazineDesigner

JournalSuite's Applications and Web Modules 

JournalDesigner:  The professional application for magazine planning.

MagazineDesigner: Issue Planning as web application.

CorporateDesigner: Issue Planning without advertisement.

JournalBrowser: Offers different views of the page structure of an issue as it is being planned.

ReservationDesigner: Organizes long-term ad-bookings for premium positions in a magazine.

ClassifiedDesigner: Paginates large quantities of classified ads into a complex class hierarchie.

AdvertManager: Offers a flexible editor to facilitate the creation of classified and displayed ads.

TopicManager: Web Module for managing editorial content as drafts at a very early stage.

DeadlineManager: Web Module for Managing deadlines.

InDesign Connector: Delivers the flatplan directly to the layout editor’s workplace.

DigitalDesigner: Provides a fully digital approach to magazine publishing.

JournalProducer: The resource planning software for magazine publishers.

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