MagazineDesigner and CorporateDesigner


Issue Planning as Web-Application

The MagazineDesigner is the perfect addition to JournalDesigner. The web client offers online access to a map of an issue by using a web-browser. The existing maps can be edited or new issues can be created. Issue planning done with MagazineDesigner is compatible with planning done with a JournalDesigner client. 

Editing the Map Online

Like JournalDesigner the MagazineDesigner creates, edits and places editorial sections, ads and layouts. A range of pre-defined signatures with varying page-numbers are available to define the issue's volume. All important data are displayed in a similar manner to JournalDesigner.

Different Views

The MagazineDesigner can quickly display previews of pages with ads or editorial content and has a PageFlip function to visualize the issue as it is being planned.

Statistical information such as the ad/edit ratio of an issue is an additional function offered by the MagazineDesigner as well as options to print the map or save it as PDF.

Like JournalDesigner, the MagazineDesigner has interfaces to editorial systems, layout systems and ad systems.

MagazineDesigner Brochure


Issue Planning without Advertisement 


  • existing maps can be edited or new issues created
  • easy creation of signatures and layouts based on templates 
  • enables the user to flip the pages of an issue
  • monitors the status of the editorial workflow