For more than 30 years, dataplan has been providing management software solutions for production and planning. Along with our support for other industries, our main focus has been specialized planning for publishing and media. Our software and services are devised to support magazine publishers with every aspect of their issue planning: from setting up standard page layouts and editing future issues to monitoring workflow. In addition we provide tools to wholesalers and publishers for their sales analysis.

The production system helps manage and coordinate logistical planning, addressing such matters as order processing, production and delivery planning. Our system's standard functions are trimmed to the particular requirements of an industry and they are designed to integrate the data and functions from customers to meet their special requirements.

The main advantage of our systems is their flexibility and adaptability to new production environments. New interfaces are constantly being developed so that our systems keep up to date and remain a secure investment in the changing landscape of technological advance.

Our software supports a number of operating systems and databases including all the industry standards. This allows the integration of our solutions with minimum difficulty.