Production Planning

Production planning is a crucial part of any manufacturing business. By planning the optimal employment of plant and machines, down-time can be minimized and production volume can be maximized. This allows just-in-time delivery structures to be put in place.  Interruptions in production for resetting systems are kept to a minimum by setting up the best possible contract priorities and delivery volumes. Customer orders can thus be met and deadlines guaranteed.

Graphic Presentation

The graphic representation of forward planning for manufacturing processes can be set up to operate automatically or be changed by hand. With the mouse columns representing these processes can be shifted, changed, raised or lowered at will.

Sales Analysis and Statistics

Sales statistics can be analysed according to various criteria.  Article or customer hierarchies can be combined to generate tables of results that enable consistent comparisons throughout a company. The data derived from them can serve as a reliable basis for predicting projected turnover. Various methods (exponential corrections, seasonal variables and regression) help to establish realistic expectations.

Calculation of Production Costs

The calculation of supply for forward-planning is supported just as the analysis of actual costs. These calculations include inventory, wholesale prices and exchange rate defined costs for materials. The cost-profiles of different production sites round out the factory-gate price and can be supplemented by transport cost calculations.

Price Lists

Purchase and sale prices for all production goods and finished products can be quoted in different currencies.


On completion of contracts invoices can be sent out as well as payments made to suppliers. Unpaid items are listed; orders and invoices printed.


The costs and income calculations can be calculated as an industrial account structure. At the same time, this allows for an overview of liquidity. Current account balances are automatically kept.

Budget Planning

Investment plans can be defined and budgeted. Outstanding invoices are paid while the budgets margins are constantly supervised.