The JournalSuite has been improved by including a new method for planning deadlines. With the DeadlineManager all of the various deadlines for planning and production (e.g. Issue, Collection, Layout) can be created and then displayed together in a single calendar. It takes into account all the Schedule Templates and Holiday Calendars defined in JournalDesigner. This provides a transparent organization of all future steps and deadlines.

Display of Deadlines in a Calendar or GANTT-Chart

The deadlines in DeadlineManager are available both as calendar and as Gantt-Chart. They can be managed and edited by all users with the appropriate rights.


The deadlines can be shown in all the usual calendar applications (Outlook, Apple Calendar etc.). It is also possible to access the DeadlineManager with various devices such as tablets or smart phones to view or edit the deadlines.

DeadlineManager Brochure