With the TopicManager themes and ideas for future issues are coordinated. The themes can be assigned to multiple issues in several publications. This module also permits notes and images to be saved and later assigned to a particular issue or theme. These notes and images are easily reassigned and reordered by drag and drop. 

In a transparent manner, all future deadlines can be displayed and managed in relation to particular issues and titles. The look and feel of the deadline manager can, of course, be adjusted to the user’s preferences.


Story-Templates can be used to create drafts of editorial content for upcoming issues. With this possibliity the Editor-in-Chief can plan well in advance which content is available at what time and when to use it. Created content can be filtered and remaining space discovered. Stories can easily be moved between issues via drag&drop.

Pictures Articles Videos

You can define and collect the elements (picture, article, video) included in a story. A story and its elements may be planned for different channels,  e.g. a video on a website, a photo in a magazine or a slide show in a digital publication. A story can have an editor/layouter assigned who is responsible for the workflow.

GANTT-Chart assists in Planning

A GANTT-chart assists a user in planning which resources to allocate within which timeframe. Tasks can be moved via drag&drop and reassigned. TopicManager helps to determine which resources (editor, layouter) are required to create a story.

TopicManager Brochure