Publishing Resource Planning

JournalProducer is a resource planning software for magazine publishers. The program supports the production of magazines and newspapers, thus enhancing their profitability.

JournalProducer creates new publications and issues. It can be used to manage figures from production, distribution and finance  as well as schedule the deadlines for a whole year.

The two modules JournalProducer and JournalDesigner perfectly complement each other.

JournalProducer books ads, creates deadlines and provides the initial version of an issue structure. Exported to JournalDesigner, the detailed planning for an issue begins. Editorials and ads are placed, their previews are displayed for editing and brought together to form the an issue?s map. The final version of the issue structure is created and sent back to JournalProducer for further evaluation before being sent on to the printer.

Production Scheduling

Based on the cover date, JournalProducer calculates all important production deadlines, such as ad closing or editorial deadlines, for all issues of publications. This complete schedule is also transfered to JournalDesigner and displayed in the map.

Planning of Editions

JournalProducer manages editions for each issue of a publication according to geographic or demographic specifications. Circulation figures are defined and sales figures are determined and evaluated.

Target Group Oriented Ad Booking

The geographic and demographic hierarchies JournalProducer offers, allow split-bookings for ads. Target groups can be reached effectively with ads, inserts, add-ons and business reply cards.

Production Planning for the Printer

JournalProducer provides all relevant data for printers, e.g. signatures, print forms, paper, imposition schemes and print orders, facilitating a complete calculation in advance of an issue's production costs.

Issue Reports

JournalProducer offers a number of analyses which describe the planned issue and the required resources of the printer.