JournalSuite's application ReservationDesigner is the solution to organizing long-term ad-bookings for premium positions in a magazine. Together with JournalDesigner and an ad-booking system, the marketing of ad-space is optimized. 

With this application ad-reservations for premium positions can be made for more than one issue. Based on structures defined in JournalDesigner, ads can be pre-placed and at the same time evaluated for their format and dimensions. The time-frame for ad-reservations as well as the display of available categories can be individually defined.

Placement categories are either specific places in an issue such as Inside Front Cover, Table of Contents (TOC) or Back Cover or variable places such as Right Page in 1st Half  or  1st Full Page Ad.

By using the query-function, the ReservationDesigner can list, for example, all ad- bookings of one customer or all ads booked for a particular category. It is also possible to look for all available free premium positions in a specific time-frame.

By matching the ad bookings imported from an ad-booking-system and the reservations made in ReservationDesigner, the basic structure of an issue is created in JournalDesigner right at the beginning of the planning process.