The DigitalDesigner is the latest addition to the JournalSuite and provides a fully digital approach to magazine publishing. It is used independently from JournalDesigner.

Together with Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite it provides a complete production system that meets the standards of up-to-date mobile devices, such as iPad or iPhone.

Always stay on top of things. DigitalViewer enables the planning process done in DigitalDesigner to be monitored but not changed. 


DigitalDesigner plans the sequence of pages for an issue. Collections and layouts are easly created based on templates in different formats (portrait/landscape). Data are synchronized with Woodwings's Digital Magazine with one click. Further functions are:


  • Duplication of already existing collections
  • The article texts displayed as preview
  • Collections or groups of them can be assigned to editorial sections
  • With the program iPhone Simulator the functionality and Look and Feel of an issue or a group of collections can be tried out.
  • Testing the response to gestures is also possible on the virtual iPad at a work-station.


    • Image previews give a clear overview of the current pages and an up to the minute workflow status of the magazine
    • Reports about changes and the status of collections
    • The palette Position offers a scaled down view of the planning area

    DigitalDesigner Brochure


    DigitalViewer enables the planning process to be monitored and evaluated in a read-only mode. It allows a supervisor to keep an eye on the status and progress of workflows at all times.

    Viewing a digital Publication on iPad /iPhone

    With the JournalViewer for iPad and iPhone apps a digital issue in planning can be displayed on iPad and iPhone as well.