With the web module AdvertManager the JournalSuite offers a powerful and flexible editor to facilitate the creation of classified and displayed ads.

The AdvertManager displays current ad bookings and their status. Ad material can be viewed and checked and new ad bookings can be created. Displayed ads based on templates are created with the Adobe InDesign Server and classified ads with the JournalSuite AdvertFactory. With the AdvertManager it is also possible to manage premium, in-demand placements for ads. The application can be used via the internet or intranet.

The AdvertManager makes it possible to work with variable or fixed formats to design ads quickly and accurately and provides an overview of the work from start to finish. To achieve this, a template system supports the graphic work, allowing the designer secure access to a variety of stylistic and typographic elements which enhance the quality of the finished product.

What You See Is What You Get

The WSIWYG display during work with the ad allows the designer to see his changes as they are made. In addition various supplementary information such as contact information or codes, can be attached as notes. Imported images are also checked to see if they conform to the required image-format and resolution.  When an ad is saved the DataplanServer automatically creates a print-ready PDF for the advertisement.

AdvertManager Brochure

ClassifiedDesigner - a software for classified ad pagination