Software for classified ad pagination. With the ClassifiedDesigner large class hierarchies as well as class headers and filler-ads are managed. The classified ads, sorted by classes, are dragged and dropped into the map. Two Classified Volume views allow quick and easy page arrangement.

Classified Volumen

The classified volume first calculated and placed in JournalDesigner can be edited in the ClassifiedDesigner.

Assembling Area and Tools in ClassifiedDesigner

An Assembling Area helps to design the final layout of a classified ad page. In addition, there are many useful tools for sorting and arranging, integrated into the Classified Tool Bar.  Predesigned class-headers and filler ads are simply dragged out of a palette and dropped into the page.


Finished pages can be mirrored vertically or horizontally. Ads can be sorted by size or name. Various display-options are given. One option color-codes the ads to show their booking-status or their class-sections.  A first visual impression is given when previews are shown.

 AdvertManager - a web module for creating classified and displayed ads.